Hassle Free Drop shipping with Us

Metro Outfitters is a state-of-the-art garment manufacturing and trading company of Bangladesh. The range of our product line, higher quality, and competitive prices have made us one of the fastest growing companies of its kind in Bangladesh.

We are here to offer our dropshipping services for you guys. We know the problems people usually face with dropshipping and we offer some real life solution to make it easier for both parties.

Problem 1: customers order out-of-stock items

This problem occurs when you don’t keep track of your inventory and fail to source products from the supplier in time. To solve this problem, we exclusively offer FREE inventory management services to our clients. We keep contact over phone and notify you in right time.

We have expert people in our team who are familiar with multiple ecommerce platform like magento, woocommerce, volution, big commerce , oscommerce etc.

we’ll keep track of your inventory on regular basis and notify you when it is about to run out. Please note that, this is an exclusive offer for buyers who source products from us only.

Problem 2: Delay with Order Processing

To solve this problem, we prefer not to handle the order processing part. Wait, let me explain. For example, If you are a US based seller then your client will expect to receive their order as fast as possible. So if we are to dropship from our country, it may delay some time which would not look professional.

That’s why we will send you small volume of products at a time. Since we’ll  keep track of your inventory, so all you have to do is ship the product from your possession to the customer.

The difference between us and a wholesaler is, From wholesalers you have to order large quantities at a time (usually 1000+) but with us the minimum order quantity is only 100 which is very realistic.

So, you don’t have to have large inventory to run the business. Problem solved ! J

Problem 3: Wrong Item Sent to Customer

Since you’ll keep the possession of the products and you’ll be the one who will send the product actually, so there will be less or no chance of this mistake. We also have flexible return policy.

We check every product in house. Still,if you receive any faulty products from us, we’ll gladly issue the refund.

Our Products and Policy:

Mens casual shirts

Mens T-shirts

Women Tops

Kids T-shirts

  • Minimum Order quantity: 100 Pcs ( 3 designs max)
  • Free shipping

Contact Us for details.